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      1.4 Million BTU Equivalent Output  
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  There's a voice in all of us that makes us wonder, "Can we?"  
  Innovative heating solutions don’t
just happen overnight.

Our mission is to expand the mission itself. To multiply the horizon and expectations placed on modern heating equipment. After years of development and refinement, our hard work has paid off in the form of the JetHeat GT-1400 – heightening the possibilities of what a portable heating unit can accomplish.
  The 99.9%+ Efficient Portable Heating Unit  
JetHeat is the only micro-turbine (axial turbo fan) portable heating solution on the market. What’s this mean for you? More heat with substantially less fuel. We’re greener by design.
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Portable industrial heating solutions
High-pressure & high-volume warm air
Powerful and fuel-efficient
Compact and self-contained
"For our application, the JetHeat product was far superior to others: uniquely a high-volume/high-pressure air pump and an extremely fuel-efficient heater using approximately one-third to one-half the fuel by BTU compared to conventional indirect-vent heaters of similar BTU rating."

~ Douglas R. Graham, President
Alaska Pacific Coatings, Inc.
Fairbanks, AK

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