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Industrial Heater Applications for Bedbug and Flea Extermination

Industrial heaters for bedbug and flea extermination applications let you put the power of safe, breathable heat to work for thermal extermination.

If You Want To Treat With Heat - Jetheat Is Your Best Choice


  • With JetHeat, hot air is moved through the entire structure including basements until 140 F + is sustained killing all bugs and larvae while keeping your structure and its contents safe during and after the treatment
  • JetHeat can be applied to structures small and large such as apartments, hotel rooms, dorms, warehouses, storage facilities, buses, trains and airplanes
  • JetHeat's chemical free solution leaves no harmful residues behind
  • Capable of generating its own power, JetHeat does not require an external power source
  • With instantaneous delivery, there is no-preheating or waiting 
  • JetHeat delivers industry best static pressure which is capable of pushing hot air into every crevice of the structure for a comprehensive treatment
  • JetHeat is light weight, mobile and can be easily configured to many types of structures

To learn more about JetHeat heaters for bedbug and flea extermination applications and how effective Thermal Extermination can be, please call us at 1-877-JetHeat or fill out our contact form


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