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Industrial Heater Applications for Building Renovation and Restoration

Industrial Heater Restoration and Rennovation

Is your business or property undergoing a Restoration? One of the key applications for JetHeat industrial heaters is building renovation and restoration. 

If your building has been damaged by Flooding, Freezing, or a natural disaster, or you're attempting to Renovate during the cold winter months, extreme temperatures or water can affect your project progress.

The JetHeat GT 1400 can come to your rescue.  Let us reduce temperature and water obstacles so your project can proceed more rapidly. 

Waiting for the weather to change so that work can continue means a loss of time and money.  Let us heat, thaw, or dry your application and get your Restoration and Renovation back on track.

Use the most powerful and environmentally friendly portable heater on the market.  A bonus is that it is also the most fuel efficient!  That saves you Time and Money when you need it the most!


  • Bridge Painting
  • Flood damage
  • Paint Drying
  • Drywall Damage
  • Moisture Removal
  • Mold Mitigation
  • Temporary Heating
  • Emergency Heating
  • Concrete Curing

The best solution for industrial heater applications in the  building renovation and restoration industries is economical JetHeat.  Call us today, toll free, at 1-877-JetHeat or fill out our contact form to restore your project schedule and budget. Don't let cold temperatures slow you down.

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