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JetHeat Applications

Oil and Gas Uses

Whether it’s a drilling rig sub, BOP, pipe barn, bypass valves or fracking tanks, if it needs heating, freeze protection or thawing, the JetHeat GT 1400 can do the job quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently than competing products. Melt away obstacles to productivity by using JetHeat.

Restoration Uses

Flood or water damage can prevent dwellings or buildings from being habitable.  Time is money.  The heat and static pressure capabilities of the JetHeat GT 1400 make this an ideal solution for drying wet spaces…quicker than anything else available.

Construction Uses

Need to keep a construction project on schedule?  Winter slowing you down?  JetHeat allows you to overcome those constraints.  Keep workers and equipment warm by utilizing a JetHeat GT1400.  Our heater is very effective at curing concrete, thawing the ground or heating interior spaces quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Heat

No power?  No problem.  If your business needs a temporary heating source, the JetHeat GT 1400 is the answer.  It pushes heat a long way and provides clean breathable air.  Use the best heater in this market segment.  If you don’t believe it, let us prove it.

Thermal Extermination

Looking to exterminate bugs fast?  The JetHeat GT 1400 is eco-friendly; meaning no chemicals, toxins, or poisons where humans eat and sleep.  Kill bugs and eggs while keeping your structure and its contents safe during and after the treatment.  JetHeat can eradicate infestations quicker than competitive products.

What's Your Heating/Drying Need?

We solve heating challenges.  If your business has a heating need, JetHeat has a solution.  Contact us with your heating challenges and let us problem solve.   JetHeat’s GT 1400 creates heat faster, cleaner, cheaper, and more efficiently than others in the marketplace with its patented design.

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JetHeat GT1400 - the safest heater on the market

JetHeat offers the fastest flameless heating technology

How can you benefit from a high static flameless heater?

Industrial Portable Heaters

  • Flameless Heat Technology
  • Safe, Breathable Air
  • Highest Volume - Highest Static Fans Available
  • 99.5% Efficiency - More Heat with Less Fuel
  • Reduce Project Costs and Emissions

From Our Clients

  • It’s rare that I take the time to forward a letter of appreciation but I wanted to let you know that JetHeat is by far the best heater in the market for our bridge painting and structural steel projects.   Seaway Painting has had the fortunate opportunity to be the contract source for cleaning and coating the Mackinac Bridge for the past 17 years and the key to completing this work when the weather is cold is JetHeat.  JetHeat’s ability to create and push clean-breathable air long distances provides our crews the perfect environment to achieve and maintain the 50 degree F steel temps required to ensure our top-coat applications cure properly.   We have used many other heaters over the years and there is no heater than can compete with JetHeat’s heat output, static pressure, fuel efficiency, and safety (breathable air and flameless).   The safety features allowed us to forego the need for a fire watch crew member which saved us money.  We appreciate what you do and will always use JetHeat when we need to enhance the steel temperature of the structure’s we’re painting.

    Steve Vlahakis, Owner
    Seaway Painting
  • I would like to take a few moments to thank yourself and Drive Rentals for the supply and delivery of the JetHeat heating units. We had several brands of forced air heating devices on site and yours was the best. The units delivered the highest temperature of heat for the least amount of fuel consumed, to the point where it was taking two of the other brand units to match the heating requirements delivered by one JetHeat unit. The relatively small size and weight made them even more valuable to us where we had to hoist them to elevation with a crane. They were simple enough to operate after a quick orientation that any of our personnel on site could master them and when there was issues with the quality of the fuel causing them to lose performance the mechanics were readily available for phone consultations and site visits without a long waiting period. In closing we could not have met our heating requirements (in the dead of winter with -40 temperatures) without your heaters and assistance. We would not hesitate to use your equipment again if required.

    Troy Werenka, Superintendent
    Supreme Steel LP
  • For our application, the JetHeat product was far superior to others: uniquely a high-volume/high-pressure air pump and an extremely fuel-efficient heater using approximately one-third to one-half the fuel by BTU compared to conventional indirect-vent heaters of similar BTU rating.

    Douglas R. Graham, President
    Alaska Pacific Coatings, Inc.
  • We now have a little over 250 hours on our JetHeat, and it has worked flawlessly. The subcontractors working on the job are ecstatic to be working in their T-shirts when it’s 30 below zero outside, and to work in an odor-free environment. It’s hard to imagine going back to smelly kerosene heaters and still freezing your toes off after using this thing! This JetHeat unit is everything you said it was and more. JetHeat ROCKS!

    Reggie Dallaire, President
    Northern Lights Construction, Inc.
  • Our customers, some of the largest contractors in the Northeast, are realizing a JetHeat GT-1400 is the most versatile, user-friendly, and efficient heater on the market. On several occasions our customers have run a JetHeat next to an Allmand or Tioga heater and seen the fuel savings firsthand, as well as the ability to move an unmatched volume of air. These observations were made in a mere 24-hour period, resulting in our competitors’ heaters getting returned to them.

    Chris Barisano, Manager
    Volvo Rents Construction Equipment
  • On behalf of one of our local families we would like to thank Jetheat.  Your assistance in providing Jetheat thermal treatment for their extreme bed bug problem was 100% successful. This family was in desperate need of assistance to end their long term bed bug problem.  In one day Jetheat was able to completely eliminate their problem and allow the family to move from their tents in the back yard back into their home.   The family is extremely grateful for your assistance.

    Nancy Paul, Director
    Faith In Action
  • “I’m very happy, the heaters successfully replaced the system we have traditionally used.  We definitely saved money and the carbon monoxide safety benefit was huge…the men know it."

    Tom Costigan
    Cross Country Consruction
  • We are always somewhat skeptical of new ideas and concepts in the construction industry; however, this heater has proven to me that it is here to stay. G & S Construction will certainly look to JetHeat to meet our future fuel oil temporary heating needs.

    Dan Green, President
    G & S Construction, Inc.

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