Industrial Flameless Heaters - The JetHeat, LLC History

Industrial Flameless Heaters - The JetHeat, LLC History

Industrial Flameless Heaters - the JetHeat, LLC history is a remarkable story of men and a company dedicated to manufacturing innovative products that were durable and could meet the harsh demands of the industrial heating and commercial heating sectors.

Dick Gordon and his son, Rick, began a special project in 1992 for a large equipment manufacturer.  They set out to design and implement a micro-turbine engine to heat fluids for a hydronic application.  The success of this initial project lead the team to further explore whether they could also heat air with the technology they created. They partnered with longtime friend and jet turbine engineer, Dick Chute.   The synergy of this team resulted in the creation of JetHeat, a unique heater using jet engine technology.

After years of trials, reviews, and redesigns, the JetHeat GT-1400 has been refined to what it is today – the most fuel-efficient and powerful diesel heating heater on the market.

The JetHeat GT 1400 also fuels profits for customers by conserving time, money, and energy.  We generate revenue for our customers by reducing heating fuel consumption, workplace slow-downs, and mitigating environmental obstacles to progress.  JetHeat delivers tremendous heat and savings by being efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

Industrial Flameless Heaters - the JetHeat, LLC history can be summed up this way, “Created in America.  Made in America.  Built with passion and pride by American workers.  Designed to solve the age-old American challenge of how to optimize workplace performance and efficiency.   Crafted to expand hot air and customers’ profits.” Call us today at 1-877-JetHeat or fill out our contact form to learn more. 

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