Industrial Heater Safety - JetHeat Heaters

Industrial Heater Safety – with JetHeat Heaters, it's a top priority for everything we manufacture. That's why we incorporate State-of-the-Art Controls for State-of-the-Art-Accident Prevention.

Continuous Monitoring of Critical Parameters

Controls for State of the Art Accident PreventionState of the Art Controls for State of the Art Accident Prevention

Continuous Monitoring of Critical Parameters

  • System Monitoring 200 Times per Second for real time operational control
  • Cross Check of main microprocessor operation with Safety Microprocessor
  • JetHeat provides a remote shutdown interface that is compatible with any commercially available LEL monitor with a relay output to automatically shut down the heater unit.

Available Integrations

  • Remote Shutdown
  • Telematics (Geo Fencing, Parameters, Hours, Location & Fault Detection)

Robust Wiring for Extreme Environments

  • Built In Short / Open Circuit Monitoring and Protection
  • Military Grade Wiring
  • Tefzel Coating for Extreme Cold
  • External E-stop
  • Starter Motor Disconnect
  • Battery Lockout Switch

System MonitoringState of the Art System Monitoring

Continuous Fault Detection

  • Over Speed Checks
  • Under Speed Checks
  • Over Temperature Checks
  • Under Temperature
  • Intake Blockage Detection
  • Incline Detection
  • Fuel Pressure Check
  • Oil Pressure Check
  • Low Oil Check
  • Fuel Float Stuck Detection
  • Failed to Ignite Lockout

Real Time Parameter Monitoring

  • Battery Voltage
  • Bypass Air Temperature
  • Start Sequence

Fluid ContainmentState of the Art Fluid Containment

Robust Oil/Fuel Lines & Fittings Prevents Leakage

  • Braided Steel Shielding to guard against hose damage
  • Service Joints are JIC Fittings (Not NPT) to eliminate alignment sensitivity
  • Sealed Secondary Breather system ensures No external drips or vapor

Designed to Contain Leakage

  • 110% Fuel Containment
  • Integrated Drip Tray directly to containment

Industrial Heater Safety – with JetHeat Heaters is assured.  We'll keep your projects running sommother, faster, greener and safer.  Guaranteed. Call us at 1-877-JetHeat or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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