Heater refueling and downtime
December 16, 2020 JetHeat, LLC
Heater refueling and downtime

One of the biggest loss drivers in temporary industrial heating is downtime. Downtime can hurt the progress of a project, the production at a plant and in some cases even lower the morale of workers. During wintertime, heaters become critical to operations and it is essential their downtime is minimal. The most common causes of downtime are frequent service and refueling needs.

While selecting a heater, it is important that these factors are taken into consideration. An efficient heater can maximize uptime is one which has a long service interval and low fuel consumption. The JetHeat GT1400 offers exactly this. Consuming only 4.9 gallons of fuel per hour, the JetHeat can run up to 40 hours on a full tank. With JetHeat, you can reduce the number of refueling visits. This effectively minimizes downtime, chances of spillage, lower operation costs and expenses especially on remote sites with limited access to fuel.

To keep your construction project on track and get through the winter without any downtime, call JetHeat at 1.888.794.8119 or email us at info@jetheat.com for information on the GT1400-AP heater.

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We're often asked about JetHeat Industrial Heaters.  Established in 2011, JetHeat LLC is the manufacturer of the the world's leading portable heaters for construction and industry. The industrial flameless heater, GT 1400, with patented Micro Turbine technology, is our core unit. Our equipment is 100% designed, crafted, and assembled in Livonia, Michigan, USA by a TS16949 Certified Company.

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