The Most Portable and Versatile Flameless Industrial Heaters on the Market
December 27, 2018 JetHeat, LLC
The Most Portable and Versatile Flameless Industrial Heaters on the Market

One of the biggest challenges faced by contractors while constructing large buildings in wintertime is the lack of access to heat. Higher floors of high rise buildings and inner areas of large commercial buildings such as warehouses rarely get heat with most commercial temporary or portable heaters.

Most of the critical steps in a construction project such as pouring concrete and heating aggregates and hoardings depend heavily on a steady source of heat. When heat is unavailable or inadequate, it could lead to rework, putting the project behind schedule.

To eliminate this obstacle and provide uninterrupted heat even to the least accessible areas of the building, JetHeat offers an All-Purpose Flameless Heater, with a variety available configurations.

JetHeat Industrial Flameless HeaterThis unique heater has provisions to be hooked to a truck on a trailer, hoisted using a crane and even maneuvered into buildings on casters.

Capable of fitting through standard doors and freight elevators, critical heat is made available throughout large spaces leaving no cold spots.

In addition, this heater for construction sites is self-contained and does not need an external source of power to operate. Patented technology guarantees clean and effective combustion – as clean as a natural gas heater. These features make the JetHeat GT1400-AP a reliable option for large construction projects.

To keep your construction project on track and get through the winter without any downtime, call Cahill Heating today at 1.888.794.8119 or email us at for information on the GT1400-AP heater.

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We're often asked about JetHeat Industrial Heaters.  Established in 2011, JetHeat LLC is the manufacturer of the the world's leading portable heaters for construction and industry. The industrial flameless heater, GT 1400, with patented Micro Turbine technology, is our core unit. Our equipment is 100% designed, crafted, and assembled in Livonia, Michigan, USA by a TS16949 Certified Company.

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