JetHeat Ease of Maintenance
January 28, 2021 JetHeat, LLC
JetHeat Ease of Maintenance

Since its inception, JetHeat has been committed to manufacture the safest, cleanest and most fuel efficient flameless heating product on the market.

Despite being built to withstand the harshest winter conditions, the design of the GT1400 allows for easy service and maintenance. Not needing special tools or tackles, the JetHeat can be serviced quickly. In fact, the design is so simple that any technician can be trained to perform common services on the JetHeat. This is especially handy when projects are located in remote areas with lack of access to specialized tools or technicians. 

JetHeat flameless heaters are built with two key functions in mind – maximum uptime and easy maintenance. Made to operate continuously for more than 40 hours on a single tank of fuel, we ensure than customers get the most out of the product. When a JetHeat requires a service, it needs to be taken offline very briefly. Common services such as oil and filter change need no more than several minutes to perform. An engine swap – the longest possible service on a JetHeat unit takes under 3 hours for a qualified technician to perform. 

Unlike most other equipment, the JetHeat is not made to cause a strain on the time and resources of the fleet owner. 

Call us today at 1-877-JetHeat or fill out our contact form to learn more. 

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We're often asked about JetHeat Industrial Heaters.  Established in 2011, JetHeat LLC is the manufacturer of the the world's leading portable heaters for construction and industry. The industrial flameless heater, GT 1400, with patented Micro Turbine technology, is our core unit. Our equipment is 100% designed, crafted, and assembled in Livonia, Michigan, USA by a TS16949 Certified Company.

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