Rose Pest Solutions buys JetHeat Heater for Thermal Extermination
June 16, 2017 JetHeat, LLC
Rose Pest Solutions buys JetHeat Heater for Thermal Extermination

Rose Pest Solutions recently added their first unit of the JetHeat to their current fleet of heaters for thermal extermination. Being a forerunner in integrated pest management, Rose saw in JetHeat a partner to support their mission to exterminate pests in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Capable of producing instant heat necessary to kill bugs and larvae, the self-contained JetHeat needs no external power and has the best fuel efficiency in the industry. The compact, light-weight design of JetHeat will allow Rose Pest Solutions to achieve faster set-up, treatment and teardown leading to faster turnaround time between jobs. In actual operation, Rose has reported the JetHeat unit to be faster and more capable of a wider range of job sizes than any of their current heaters - by far.  Additionally the Rose is realizing huge fuel savings using the JetHeat unit.

Rose Pest Solutions buys JetHeat Heater for Thermal ExterminationCahill services is proud to induct Rose Pest Solutions into its esteemed list of clientele and the two companies hope to work together towards pioneering innovations in thermal extermination.

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We're often asked about JetHeat Industrial Heaters.  Established in 2011, JetHeat LLC is the manufacturer of the the world's leading portable heaters for construction and industry. The industrial flameless heater, GT 1400, with patented Micro Turbine technology, is our core unit. Our equipment is 100% designed, crafted, and assembled in Livonia, Michigan, USA by a TS16949 Certified Company.

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