Why is static pressure crucial for a heater?
April 27, 2020 JetHeat, LLC
Why is static pressure crucial for a heater?

When selecting a heater for your project, one consideration that is often looked past is static pressure. The static pressure rating on a heater is really a measure of the potential of the unit to 'pump' air and is one of the main factors in how far away air can be 'delivered'.

Static pressure is a vital consideration especially when large areas are to be heated since inadequate heater performance will result in circulating air not reaching all of the target space. Lack of static pressure could lead to cold spots which bring with them an array of problems. The most common ones include, a wellhead freezing, prolonged concrete curing in construction projects, incomplete deicing of critical equipment in industrial projects and lack of warmth to keep workers safe. In short, static pressure can have a direct impact on project delays, cost overruns and safety.

Most heaters cannot even come close to the static pressure delivered by JetHeat. Why? - because JetHeat has a unique high-performance fan that is highly efficient and has more power at higher rpm that is practical to achieve with conventional electric and mechanical systems.

A common characteristic of competitive heaters is a high BTU rating and a low static pressure rating (in most cases less than 5"). Even though these heaters burn a lot of fuel, they deliver hot air only a few feet away. This becomes apparent when more than 50 feet of ducting is connected and is even worse if the path to the desired heating area has curves and bends.

In contrast, the JetHeat GT1400 AP comes with a static pressure rating of 20" - the highest rated in the market. Even with generous curves and bends, hot air can be delivered up to 500 feet away. The JetHeat guarantees hot air delivery even to the most remote areas of the building or structure. This nullifies the threats of rework, insufficient heat availability and in many cases accelerates project progress.

The video below is a demonstration of the JetHeat GT1400's high static pressure.

For maximum project cost savings and effective heating solutions, call JetHeat today at 1.888.356.1880 or email us at info@jetheat.com.

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