Portable, Industrial Heater Applications

Uses for the JetHeat GT 1400

The portable industrial heating applications for JetHeat flameless heaters reflect the diversity of conditions our customers operate under.  They rely on the high mobility and flexibility of the static fans to safely deliver heat where it's needed to ensure maximum operating time and virtually no downtime in the field.  Features such as remote monitoring, high fuel efficiency and quality American construction means JetHeat portable industrial heaters are dependable and not only cost-effective, they will lower your project heating costs compared to competitive models.

From snubbing stack heating, equipment deicing or ground thaw in the oil and gas industry to concrete curing, hoardings heat, aggregate heating and tank coating in the construction industry, JetHeat portable flameless heaters manufacture a unit specifically suited for your needs.

Each JetHeat portable industrial heating unit is constructed to meet your specific application.  No other portable industrial heat provides the benefits of a JetHeat flameless heater.  Call us today, toll free, at 1-877-JetHeat or fill out our contact form to learn more.     

  • Industrial Heater Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

    Industrial Heater Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

    The leader for industrial heater applications in the oil and gas industry is JetHeat. Whether it’s a drilling rig sub, BOP, pipe barn, bypass valves or fracking tanks, if it needs heating, freeze protection or thawing, Our flameless heaters can do the job quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently than competing products. Even in conditions of…

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  • Flameless Heater Construction Applications

    Industrial Heater Applications for Concrete and Construction Industries

    Industrial heater applications for concrete and construction industries are varied and demanding. Jetheat understands this and engineered and manufactures each of our portable industrial heaters to be durable and dependable. The Construction Industry is all about deadlines. The JetHeat GT1400 can help you meet yours! Cold weather doesn’t need to prevent work from continuing. You…

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  • Industrial Heater Applications for Bedbug and Flea Extermination

    The JetHeat ExThermonator Industrial heaters for bedbug and flea extermination applications puts the power of safe, breathable heat to work for thermal extermination. If You Want To Treat With Heat - the JetHeat ExThermonator is the best choice for pest control technicians and exterminators. Features With the JetHeat ExThermonator, hot air is moved through the…

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  • Industrial Heater Restoration and Rennovation

    Industrial Heater Applications for Building Renovation and Restoration

    Is your business or property undergoing a Restoration? One of the key applications for JetHeat industrial heaters is building renovation and restoration. If your building has been damaged by Flooding, Freezing, or a natural disaster, or you're attempting to Renovate during the cold winter months, extreme temperatures or water can affect your project progress. The…

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  • Industrial Heater Emergency Heating Applications

    Industrial Heaters for Emergency Heating

    When there is an urgent need to get heat and get it fast, JetHeat is the answer. Our industrial heaters for emergency heating produce clean, breathable air that can be generated indoors or outdoors. No need to fret about how the work will get done, the event will proceed, or how people will be able…

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  • Industrial Heater Bridge Painting

    Industrial Heater Applications - Send Us Your Heating Challenge

    Have a need for industrial heater applications then send us your heating challenge! At JetHeat we've solved some of the most difficult temporary, industrial heating challenges. From ground and aggregate thawing on the North Shore of Alaska to bridge construction in sub-zero temperatures, our patented micro-turbine powered industrial heaters have overcome the hurdles, delivering safe,…

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