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Portable, industrial heater products manufactured by JetHeat are the most efficient, powerful, environmentally friendly portable heater available. The JetHeat GT line utilizes a unique patented technology to create heat fast. These are the only flameless industrial heaters in the world driven by a Micro Turbine jet engine!

For portable, industrial heater products that are guaranteed to deliver the performance your industrial, commercial or construction application needs, look to JetHeat. Call us today, toll free, at 1-877-538-4328 or fill out our contact form to learn more.

Jet Heat

  • Portable, Industrial Heaters GT 1400 AP

    The portable, industrial heaters GT 1400 AP (All Purpose) is JetHeat’s state-of-the art modular heating system. This flexible configuration was designed to meet a wide variety of customer applications. By design, the system can be used as a trailered package or as a stand-alone enclosure facilitating placement of the narrow…

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  • Portable, Industrial Heaters GT 1400 SA-M

    The portable, industrial heaters GT 1400 SA-M was introduced in 2016. The GT 1400SA-M is a Stand Alone Mobile version of our popular heater. The GT 1400SA-M comes mounted on our new caster cart with a self-contained 20 gallon fuel tank. The S-AM is fitted with our innovative low profile…

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  • Duct and Blower Hose for Portable Industrial Heaters

    This high-strength fabric Duct and Blower Hose for Portable Industrial Heaters is manufactured for high-pressure industrial applications, including locations where there is a fire hazard. Using two of our proprietary fabrics, this ducting is manufactured and assembled with wire helix reinforcement plus heavy-duty abrasion resistant wear strip. This custom construction…

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Options & Accessories

Options and accessories for JetHeat GT1400, including a Wireless Sensor and Telematics.


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