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Green Technology

Besides being the most efficient heater, JetHeat is also the most environmentally friendly flameless heater option available.

Engine efficiency

An efficient engine is a clean engine. Compared to a diesel engine which has an engine efficiency in the range of 55-65%, the JetHeat’s patented turbine design has an efficiency greater than 97%. By avoiding wasted heat which oftentimes leads to unfavorable byproducts such as smoke and emissions, you are guaranteed a clean, emission free operation.

Industrial Heater comparison

No Heat Loss

Featuring a high static pressure, the air flow in the ducting is rapid and this pushes the heat generated at the outlet through the ducting across large distances. Most competitive heaters have a much lower static pressure which causes heat stagnation and loss. To compensate for this, competitive diesel heaters often require a higher fuel consumption to generate a greater heat output. A combination of high fuel input and low engine efficiency leads to emissions. This, however can be avoided by using JetHeat.

thermal image of jetheat industrial heater

Not running a diesel cycle

Unlike most heaters, JetHeat does not run a diesel cycle. The heater vaporizes fuel completely before combustion and by doing so, soot, smoke and emissions are avoided. This process can be comparable to a natural gas burn.

Low operating temperature and pressure

The patented design of the JetHeat allows the unit to operate under NOx forming temperature and pressure. This prevents harmful NOx gases from affecting the workers or the environment. 

On average, a single JetHeat unit lowers CO2 emissions by 0.9 tons per day. On projects where multiple heaters are needed, the emissions reduction is significant.

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