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Portable, Industrial Heaters GT 1400 SA-M

The portable, industrial heaters GT 1400 SA-M was introduced in 2016. The GT 1400SA-M is a Stand Alone Mobile version of our popular heater. The GT 1400SA-M comes mounted on our new caster cart with a self-contained 20 gallon fuel tank. The S-AM is fitted with our innovative low profile Intake Hood and has a quick connect hose feature for fast and easy duct attachment. Weighing just 400 pounds (without fuel), the GT 1400SA-M provides a heating and drying solution for all spaces, big and small, spacious and tight. A compact package with no loss of the legendary performance of the standard GT 1400, it is perfect for Thermal Extermination, drying, concrete curing, ground thawing or just the need for old fashioned heat.

The portable, industrial heaters GT 1400 SA-M is another exciting example of Jet Heat Engineered innovation for your mobile heating needs! Call us today, toll free, at 1-877-JetHeat or fill out our contact form to learn more.

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  • Specifications

    Dimensions L=72” x W=28” x H=42”  
    Weight  400 lbs. (without Fuel)
    Heat Output 860,000 to 1.4 million BTUs equivalent
    Fuel Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel #1, Diesel #2 or Kerosene fuel
    Fuel Consumption 3.3 - 5.3 Gallons Per Hour
    Thermal Efficiency Over 95%
    Air Flow 3,900 - 7,200 CFM
    Air Pressure Up to .7 PSI (20" WC)
    Air Quality Less than 10 PPM CO & Odorless
    Air Temperature 145° to 200° F Rise over inlet temperature


  • Product Description

    The GT 1400 heater uses an internal combustion Micro Turbine with NO external or exposed flame. The burning of the fuel is designed to be contained entirely within the combustion walls.

    The JetHeat heater module converts over 95% of the ULSD to usable heat. During operation the diesel fuel is vaporized.  This means it is converted to a gas, rather than burned as a liquid, before it enters the combustion chamber.  The result is continuously sustained combustion that is highly efficient and extremely clean.  You won’t see black smoke come out of a JetHeat GT 1400 like you see on a conventional diesel unit.  The output from the JetHeat heater produces clean, breathable air.

    The JetHeat heater is air cooled and has no liquid cooling system.  Our diesel competitors have conventional liquid cooling systems. These systems allow a fair amount of the radiant heat generated to escape into the environment.

    Our design has important benefits to the end user:

    • TIME: The fully heated output is extremely rapid.  It is usually only 30-60 seconds from a cold start!
    • EFFICIENCY: Unlike our competitors, our outputs are 95% of our inputs.
    • GREEN: Extremely low carbon emissions.  Minimal NOX or SO2 is created.
    • SERVICABILITY: Designed to be easy to operate, troubleshoot, and service.

    The JetHeat GT 1400 utilizes a cutting edge High Bypass Turbofan and Stator System. The fan and stators are specifically designed by JetHeat, ultilizing advanced aerodynamics to achieve high efficiency.  JetHeat leads the industry in flow rates and static pressure capabilities, resulting in product performance that our competitors cannot match.

    Bottom line: Our heaters produce twice the heat using half of the fuel of competitive products.  Better by Design.

  • Features & Benefits

    How do we stack up against the Competition? Take a look at some of the standard features of the GT 1400 in this chart.

    Microprocessor Controlled
    • Easy to use and control through intuitive design
    • Digital automatic control system directs engine speed and heat output
    • Fuel Consumption: High - 5.3 GPH, Medium - 4.3 GPH, Low - 3.3 GPH
    • Microprocessor monitors system functions
    • Fail-safe programming to improve operator safety
    • Onboard diagnostic software
    Proprietary Catalyst Technology
    • Increased thermal efficiency
    • Clean-burning engine heated air to OSHA and NIOSH standards
    Optimal Output
    • Capable of moving over 7200 CFM of heated air
    • 200 Degree Temperature Rise at 0 Degrees Fahrenheit
    • Can move heat long distances; up to 300 feet effectively with flexible ducting
    • Can move heat up to 500 feet with rigid ducting
    Safety Features
    • Built-in RPM limiter to instantly recognize a runaway condition and immediately interrupt power to shut down the heater if necessary
  • Proof of Performance & Patents

    We GUARANTEE Performance at -40 Fahrenheit

    Temperature Rise

    The JetHeat GT-1400 leads the industry in temperature rise. It provides 200 degrees of rise from zero degrees Fahrenheit, while consistently maintaining 5500 CFM+ of hot delivered air. The heat or air output is not diminished even at temperatures below -40F.


    The GT 1400 heater module is compact measuring a mere 2’ x 2’ x 4’ in size. 

    Static Pressure

    Our static pressure is also the best in the business.  Because the engine is turbine based, employing a stator and high by-pass turbo fan, the output air is highly compressed. This unique design ensures a high velocity, high pressure heated airstream that is unmatched in its inflating and thawing capabilities. No reciprocating engine based heater system comes close to the GT-1400 in this regard.

    Fuel Consumption

    How Does JetHeat Compare with the Competition? Twice the Heat at Half the Cost.  See for yourself! The only approved fuel for the GT-1400 is Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel #1, Diesel #2 or Kerosene fuel.  Using other grades of fuel may cause engine run issues or contaminate the catalyst, possibly damaging the engine or compromising air output quality.

    CO Emissions

    The JetHeat patented catalyst system is so green, it is capable of providing clean, breathable air that meets OSHA, NIOSH, and ACGIH standards; yielding half the carbon footprint of competing products. Green by design, JetHeat is Carbon Neutral vs. the Competition. The GT-1400 produces no Nox and SO2 greenhouse gasses.  The low fuel consumption contributes to substantially less CO and CO2 generation than competitors.


    This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. 287(a)

    JetHeat® Products

    GT 1400: US Pat. No. 6,073,857, US Pat. No. 6,161,768, US Pat. No. 6,679,433 and US Pat. No. 8,327,644

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